Social Activities

We are actively managing and participating in social activities and donation campaigns in Crypto and digital assets to beat the challenges around our community. Crypto as a Bounty is our philosophy to manage and handle such activities with love!

Upcoming Rounds

February 2024 (Low-income developers)

The second round of making donation in Crypto for developers in low-income countries and their supported activities:

March 2024 (Cancer patients in poor countries)

The fifth round of making donation in Crypto for poor countries and their cancer-supported communities:

Participants’ Quotes

This is a fantastic mission followed by FT to donate in Crypto as a popular and ease of use utility.

Mo from British Capital

My startup is proud to partner with FT Cambridge to run and manage social campaigns.

Sonya from Round Network

No doubt to participate in social campaigns of FT Cambridge by making donations in Crypto. Love that!

Lara from QuantScale